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Titre : Tongoh
Artiste : C'PRIME
Label : amusic
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Posté le : 2013-12-10

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Boire ,njong , drink, tongo
High like say na play play last level of songo
Nous on est kem sur terre une place kombi lep me dat topoh
We ball like Assou Ekotto ,now turn up the bass ,Porpoh

Verse 1

If we started poor it was to end salaries
Pockets on vitamins,wallet on calories
You know your boy sky fly, swagga on balconies
Lucky luke presition, dudes get shot(short) like Joe Dalton is
I ain’t no chicken but just take a look at the lyrics I lay
You gon see I’ve got a couple dreadful thoughts like my lyrics wale
I see my future bright,pro’ly thats why even when kombiz at night
Ask me “how for you? ohhh!” I reply, I dey ohhh! I dey
O’ boi I dey ohh! I dey, O’ boy im google searching ma way
O’boi I stay ohh! I stay, on my fucking hustle all day
O’ boi I’m giving so much attention even though I know dehors no di pay
So when mimbo dey for ma table, O’ boi I pray ohh! I pray
Avant de…

Chorus 1

Boire, tongo, njong, sleep, kass (4x)
Chorus 2(2x)
O’ boy ( Ideyohh! I dey ) [3x]
I dey ,Idey

Verse 2

I dey ohh! I dey, on my fucking hustle all day
O’ boy like play ohh! Like play, man di tongo bolè one crate
O’ boy lepé ohh! Lepé, if that perrica di act lek say e don craze
J’suis dans mon ré ohh! Mon ré
Mon ré ohh! Mon ré
Yaoundé ohh! Yaoundé, ou les ngas falla ke le blé
D’la ohh! D’la, Whalai! Las alors cest le feu
Moi je ne connait pas Chop & Yamo
Mais quand je veux chop et ya mo
Kombi cest 2 oeux spaggetti et une tass de thé ohhh! De thé
Avant de

Boire, tongo, njong, sleep, kass (4x)
Chorus 2(2x)
O’ boy ( Ideyohh! I dey ) [3x]

I dey ,Idey


Being searching for success so long
I ain't Solomon cuz wise I’m not
But intelligent I am iz
So I went straight to his door and knocked
And I was like I heard that you got guap
T’a do how pour avoir tous ça?
Money, cars, hoes, je dis hien!
Donne ma part sur ça!
Donne ma part sur ça!
Y’a aucune chance que je lache
Till I’ve got gold all in my chain, and gold all in my watch
Prrrrrrrrrrr blocker!
This is the C’s tipsy fashion
And my Deejay pass Will.I.am
O’ boi ohh! Bring the action

Chorus 1

Boire, tongo, njong, sleep, kass (4x)
Chorus 2(4x)

O’boy(I deyohh! I dey) [3x]
I dey,I dey
Maroua, Garoua, N’deré
Buea, B’da, Baffoussam
Ebolowa, Mamfe, Limbe
Kumba, D’la, Yaoundéééé, yes ohh!



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