Hausboy de ELI & C'PRIME

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Hausboy de ELI & C'PRIME

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Posté le : 2014-01-15


aMusic Entertainment presents E.L.I, C’Prime and Beezy B in their new single “Haus Boy” Produced by P.A.P. Music and Directed by Adah Akenji. “Haus Boy” is one of the first singles to be released from Eli and C’Prime’s upcoming mixtape titled “Street Barz Vol 1: Kombi Nation”. Street Barz in this case refers both to the Bars along the streets of Yaounde as well as lyrical punch lines coming from the streets also known as Bars. The “Kombi Nation” concept comes from the quarter language “Kombi” (Friends), to this effect, two kombis come together to form “Kombi Nation”. The entire mixtapes makes use of French, English, Pidgin and Franc-Anglais languages, thereby making it suitable for nationwide consumption. “Haus Boy” is just a teaser as compared to what we will be seeing later in the year in their mixtape. Eli & C’Prime are about to explode, are you ready?. To Easily Get in touch with Eli:
Eli: @manamezeli
C’Prime: @dacprime
Beezy B: @beezybbabyy
aMusic Entertainment: @teamamusic