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Titre : Alright (remix)
Artiste : Van Blaze
Label : JMJ Records
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Posté le : 2016-01-14

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Alright (remix)

REFRAIN: uh am on top of life hill alright

an adventurist guess i got go round it alright

i been through hell and back but lucy couldnt pay my time payrus hyroglyph


all life

am sticking to the script alnight

c4 ama keep spitting bombs all life

let it take me to success airport than i fly

fly fly fly


am at a point in time that i got to take lead of my life only god got the hammer hit when he decides who got the crown enjoy thec

 fruit while its ripe

is it stagnant let it hang is it a matter of time break the hour glass

am the last from olympus a god

niggaz write prayer points n they call it rap i feel like

what they gon do what they gonna say help tellem that am on to being the best all times being the best right in time

whats ur time


ill take u back to the track my life i thought my life moving back n god panned to reverse back load me weapons for right attack kill it bang


2 COUPLET: this fool aint

gone make it

he gone take us to a flight with no ticket

he loosing it

how come am in the air

how come am eating space

oh i started with a spate 

oh this year gone be my year

god got everything i made

i paint my rights my wrongs

i aint scared of the world i mean am human too

so boo you scared fuck u

i great wise matured relating to make a chair in this heaven

n when the time to shine come around i aint gonna be bound my rays touch ur heartgone



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