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Titre : Tales Of 2 Cities (remix)
Artiste : Van blaze
Label : JMJ Records
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Posté le : 2016-01-14

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Tales of cities remix

INTRO: humm

no drill bring your platoon

van blaze



i might kill a nigga no resentment

next day am in church first bench

pray to GOD turn my lyrics to a bullet

i was in this tour on a life bus trying to make it out

met some random murderfuckers say they tryin to make the order

said they thought they found em selves so i had to lead em all lost

still say they the shit so i take where they spose flush

am far from trap i rap my heart

 my heart is black i stain your light

 am thinking blades i cut at sight

u got my heart n brain ooo u die inside 

how u agonise how u paralyse pretty when u die

u head swerve u tongue hang body laid out flatt paparazi served

u toe to toe with the giant u wanted duece with the federer now u swimming in pavement

this iswhat am reserving

all u niggaz comin alert in the game no drill van isblazing

back they say u aint cameroonian if u dont spitt venacular ur aint particular

i lead the world cameroonian a god in the gama my disciples are titans

where real shit at ill be right there

old hiphop best mine lost hair

proud henma i beat my chest

proud henma i beat my chest

am proud to beblack

nigga hiphop back

blaze on pac track

nigga hiphop back

let it hang let it pend dough i bet ill be right there

am looking at the game n i cannot see rap

rap god sent a plague niggaz callin it trap

shady said guts ova fear not fear over rap shady said better take that advice

feel ilke the only man in this game bang dick a mustang pussy choak ova sucking my dick on em i spitt

if fake shit the government am grooming more vergins

my motif vindictif am saving packs memory

if hiphop a freeway

i build gates no money u cannt comme in



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